Posted 2015-09-10, 23:03

What´s happening right now?

Now the summer is over and the automn is approaching rapidly. The work with the Camel Centre is also progessing, but not as fast as we would wish.

Although we are still very much preoccupied with preparatory work of different kind, our plans are becoming more and more concrete and real. During the past couple of months we have been enriched with several new enthusiastic co-workers, who clearly contribute to the progress of the Camel Centre.

We have made several slide shows, as well as other types of information material, such as broschures, that we have presented at conferences and other meetings.

Right now we are working on planning and designing the buildings that we are going to build in the camel park. We are also putting a considerable amount of time and energy into contacts with dirrerent authorities, in order to get all the permits that we need (for example building permit), to acquire finances, and so on - to be able to realize our objectives and visions.

As fas as the camels (and alpacas) are concerned, we plan to get the first ones as soon as the camel park is prepared and the camel stable is built, posssibly and hopefully by next summer.

Like we said earlier, Rome wasn´t built in one day...

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